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Landscaping on a Dime: Affordable DIY Yard Makeovers

Landscaping on a Dime: Affordable DIY Yard Makeovers

During most of the year, your yard acts as your sanctuary. It can be a fun place for kids to play, for friends and family to gather for an outdoor meal, or a relaxing oasis for gardening and meditation during your free time.

Is your outdoor space lacking in creativity, style, or functionality? You’ll be happy to know it’s less expensive than you’d think to complete a makeover. Adding a unique touch with fun and easy projects can transform your yard.

Once you’ve determined which of our easy DIY projects you would like to add to your yard, visit the knowledgeable sales staff at Rough River Hardware for all the materials and tools needed.

Paint or Stain the Fence

A wood fence is often the focal point of most residential yards. If it’s in disrepair, it is unsightly and can cause a derelict appearance around your home.

Adding a fresh coat of paint and repairing broken boards is an easy do-it-yourself method to begin your yard makeover.

Tools and Materials needed:

  • Hammer or drill
  • Screws or nails
  • Power sander and sandpaper
  • Brush
  • Paint or stain

Step 1 - Repair any broken fence boards

Survey the current fence to see if you have rotting or broken boards. You will need to remove the screws or nails holding the board in place before nailing or screwing a fresh board in its place.

Ensure that you choose the same type of wood so the fence will match.

Step 2 - Sand the wood and prepare to paint

After replacing broken boards, you can use a power sander to go over the rest of the fence to take off any weathered spots and uneven texture and color.

Step 3 - Add a fresh coat of stain or dark paint

Choose a darker shade of stain or paint to cover the fence. Darker colors will withstand harsh weather and hide damage much easier.

Black fences are also a popular trend right now. Show off your creative skills by picking a shade that complements your house.

Install Stepping Stones

Simple round or square walking stones are an easy way to add a clear path in the yard. Instead of having people trample fresh grass or create organic walking paths, stones can guide movement to a patio or seating area.

The stones can be easily placed directly on the grass. The natural weight of the stone will imprint itself in the grass, creating a natural base.

Tools and materials needed:

  • Stepping stones
  • Weedwhacker

Step 1 - Select stepping stones

When choosing round or square stepping stones, consider how you would like the stones to look in your yard.

Place the stones on the grass in the configuration you like the most, far enough apart that the grass shows, but not far enough that it will be difficult to walk along them.

Step 2 - Weedwhack around the stones

Once the stones have been placed firmly in your yard, take a weedwhacker to the sides of the grass. This will help the stones stand out and let the grass grow around them evenly.

Add a Stone Fire Pit

Relaxing with friends around a fire on a late night in the summer is one of the ultimate ways to enjoy your yard. It can add ambiance and act as a natural place to gather.

Tools and materials needed:

  • Trowel or shovel
  • Building stones
  • River rocks
  • Weed killer

Step 1 - Dig out the grass

Mark where your fire pit will be placed, then skim off the shallow roots of the grass in the area.

Step 2 - Build the sides

Now that the space is mapped out, use bricks in an alternating pattern to create the walls of the fire pit. You will want to buy bricks with a gentle curve; they’re best when building an arched wall.

Step 3 - Clear around the perimeter

Use a small hand trowel or shovel to dig slightly around the perimeter. Dig up any excess grass and spray weed killer around the outside of the brick wall. This step is crucial to ensure that no weeds try to take up root under the stones you’ve just laid down.

Step 4 - Add river rock

Protect the foundation of the fire pit by adding small stones around the perimeter of the wall. The wall’s stability will be helped by just a few inches of small rocks.

Add a larger amount of river rocks to the interior of the fire pit. It will stop grass and weeds from growing in the center.

Step 5 - Add seating

Comfortable chairs, couches, and benches are integral to enjoying the firepit. Set up seating in a warm and welcoming manner to let your guests gather around the fire pit at your next outdoor gathering.

Step 6 - Start a fire

Add the finishing touch to the fire pit by using kindling and firewood to start your fire. Ensure the fire safety standards are followed and keep a fire extinguisher on hand.

These simple and effective projects are the perfect place to begin a DIY yard makeover. The sales staff at Rough River Hardware are ready to assist with all your tasks and projects this summer.

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