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A Look Into the Future: 2024 Home Renovation Trends

A Look Into the Future: 2024 Home Renovation Trends

Rising costs force home renovators to be more resourceful, creative, and selective about their design priorities. 2024 is shaping up to be the year for renovation projects that give you maximum impact and enjoyment of your home while staying within your budget.

When planning your renovation, celebrate your passions, style, and what makes you happy. Draw inspiration from how you like to spend time at home: a favorite hobby or sport; gardening; entertaining family and friends; or remembering places you have visited.

Read about these renovation trends that are on the horizon for 2024 and visit Rough River Hardware with your renovation questions today!

Color Trends

Expect to feel uplifted by the serene and lighthearted shades of blue in 2024, a distinct move away from the whites, greys and bold, warm colors of the past few years. Blue will brighten your home while creating peace and calmness, evoking happy memories of carefree days in nature, perhaps at the lake or seaside under a cloudless sky.

Make blue your main color or use it as an accent color on walls, décor pieces, furnishings, bedding, and window treatments.

Be inspired by the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year for 2024: Blue Nova 825, an eye-catching, classic, mid-blue paint.

Create More Living and Storage Space

Make the most of smaller rooms by creating the illusion of a larger space. Renovations will also create multi-use rooms to capitalize on space and reduce wasted space. Many companies are recalling employees to the office so you could convert your home office to a combo office/guest room. Find unused space to build cabinets or install shelving for storage – but declutter first.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Home renovations in 2024 will continue to invite the outdoors inside, a trend that started during the pandemic and continues to grow. You will feel the calm that natural building materials evoke in your home.

Achieve this feeling by renovating with stone, wood, woven grasses, natural textiles, wicker, and driftwood.

An indoor water feature, such as a small fountain surrounded by plants, will add to the relaxing garden atmosphere. Complete the picture with botanical-themed prints, window treatments, and upholstery.

Save Energy With Technology

New smart home technology gives home renovators an advantage in security, energy-efficient operation, and convenience. You’ll know when to turn off the heat and lights to save on utility costs and reduce your home’s greenhouse emissions in the long run. 

If you’re not quite ready to install a complete smart home security system, start gradually with a smart plug. Great for lamps, a dehumidifier, TV, or other home items.

Kitchen Renovation Trends in 2024

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most popular rooms to renovate, with the highest impact on resale value.

Colors of kitchen cabinets are shifting from white to natural wood and colors. Unique stone or single-piece marble backsplashes are replacing traditional subway tiles. Versatile multifunctional islands continue to be the center of the home – for preparing food, entertaining, kids’ homework space, and your home office. 

Bathroom Renovation Trends in 2024 

You will see more natural light, plants, wood, and even a doorway directly to an outdoor shower on the patio.

Bathroom accessibility and safety is a top trend in 2024, with the installation of safety bars in the bath, doorless, low-threshold showers with a built-in seat, and combo handheld and rainfall shower heads.

Refresh Your Floors

Refinishing hardwood floors instead of tearing them out and replacing them with new flooring will be a popular trend in 2024, bringing significant cost savings.

Lighting and Fixtures

Renovations in 2024 will see more accessible lighting for safety, especially for older adults, wheelchair users, and children.

  • Wireless and plug-in motion-sensing lights installed in bedrooms and hallways
  • Outlets and light switches placed where they are easily accessible 
  • Energy-efficient, long-life LED light bulbs give you lower electricity bills and brighter light
  • Light fixture upgrades will give your home a new look without a high price tag

Air Conditioning and Insulation

If you are planning renovations, this is the best time to explore ways to adapt your home to extreme weather conditions.  

  • Install or upgrade air conditioning to protect your family from extreme heat
  • Improve your home’s insulation to save on energy costs and be more comfortable in the winter cold or summer heat
  • Inspect and replace damaged eavestroughs and downspouts to make sure rainwater runs away from the house to reduce the risk of flooding
  • Replace your hard asphalt driveway with a more absorbent surface to allow water to flow through and prevent flooding during heavy rainfalls

Landscaping Trends

  • Build a rain garden to channel rainwater from your home’s eavestroughs into a reservoir in your yard instead of letting it run off into the streets and sewers
  • Plant shade trees to protect your home from summer heat and from cold winter winds
  • Drought-resistant plants will also gain in popularity as we search for ways to conserve water

Sustainable Renovations

  • Using what you already have is a sure way to a sustainable renovation project
  • Find a way to use your home’s original shelving, baseboards, and molding in your renovation instead of tearing them out and discarding them 
  • Carefully take apart any trim or cabinetry that you don’t want to use and pass it on to someone else or donate it to a charity
  • Source building materials constructed with recycled and reclaimed materials 
  • Source materials locally to reduce the environmental impact and costs of transportation while supporting local businesses
  • Rent tools you likely won’t use again to keep costs in line with your renovation budget

Hopefully, the ideas we’ve given you will help you start planning your home renovations. Our team is ready to help you, so drop by Rough River Hardware today!

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